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Competition's Secrets
They spend lots of time and money researching their customers. Here's how to learn what your major competitors know about effective ads.
How big an ad do you really need?
We show you how to determine what's too small, what's too big, and what's just right.
Just want to get your name out?
Think again. Learn why trying to get people to remember your name often has the opposite effect, and what to do instead.

Key Questions

A few pieces of information you should have on hand before you start planning and designing your ad.
Take a Design Your Ad Course.
All you need is $49 and 1 hour!

Get more target customers
seeing your ad

Get more customers reading your ad
Get more of them responding
Learn what elements must be in your ad to get a strong response the very first time.

 Books & More

Ogilvy on Advertising
A classic that still has a lot of application to local advertising.


2001 Winning Ads For Real Estate
A good start when designing real estate ads.



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