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Newspaper Clients
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How to Run An Ad
A quick overview of all the things involved in successfully running an ad in a newspaper or other print publication.
Reading a Rate Card
We show you how to calculate the cost of an ad like a pro, and what all the other things in a rate card mean.
When Good Ads Go Bad
What do you do when your ad runs with a big or little mistake-- or doesn't run at all--and it's the newspaper's fault.

Getting it Right
How the pros communicate with a publication's creative/production department to minimize errors. We'll take you step-by-step through how to ensure the publication understands your layout.
Take a Design Your Ad Course.
All you need is $49 and 1 hour!

Get more target customers
seeing your ad

Get more customers reading your ad
Get more of them responding
Learn what elements must be in your ad to get a strong response the very first time.

 Books & More

Ogilvy on Advertising
A classic that still has a lot of application to local advertising.


2001 Winning Ads For Real Estate
A good start when designing real estate ads.



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