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Ad Makeover: Fox Valley

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We decided to create two ads, one targeting those vets most likely to sign on with Fox Valley's 24-hour emergency service and a second targeting those vets who had not yet been referring their patients to them for diagnostic and surgical services.

For reasons explained in our course, we went "where the money was", targeting vets who not only needed these services, but were in the market for them already. These would be the easiest and fastest to convert.

By creating two ads, we could better attract the attention of the most likely customers for each service and provide the specific details each group needed to read on and make a decision.

The first ad, promoting Fox Valley's emergency services, would have to attract and keep the attention of that group of veternarians.

Sure, Fox Valley provided the best medical treatment around in emergency situations, and found that those well-rested referring veternarians enjoyed a better lifestyle, performed better during the day, and actually increased their incomes. More importantly, these were precisely the things area veterinarians cared most about, so this would be the focus of the first ad.

The second ad needed to promote Fox Valley's non-emergency diagnostic and surgical services. It would have to attract and keep the attention of those veternarians who were currently sending their patients to other referral centers or performing the work themselves.

With the area's best staff and the most hi-tech and extensive diagnostic equipment, Fox Valley could be a valuable extension of area vets' own practises, giving their patients access to early detection procedures and experienced specialists. Again, these were exactly the same things that motivated a vet to choose one veterinary referral center rather than another, so this would be the focus of the second ad.

Which brings us to the finished ads.

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