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Ad Makeover: Fox Valley

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Creating a new ad for the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center meant rethinking the "image" approach commonly used by many professionals.

Determining the correct target customer was critical, so it was helpful to know that those in need of emergency services for their pet usually call their own veterinarian first.

The motivations of these veterinarians when recommending one referral center over another are what dictated the headline instead of simply leading with Fox Valley Animal Referral Center's top benefit.

In this case, the motivations were quality care and the vet's bottom line.

We found the solution was to create two ads, one for Fox Valley's emergency services and another for vets who hadn't been using their exceptional diagnostic and surgical services.

Both ads attracted the attention of vets with a dominant graphic at the top (most readers focus on the image first and read down), and then followed up with benefit headlines that were precisely what their target customers cared about most.

Each ad then went on to provide enough detail that even a highly skeptical veterinarian would believe the claims and respond.

We used some techniques learned from the type section to give the ad a more professional look and determined a larger ad size was needed due to the relatively few vets out there who were in the market for Fox Valley's services (primarily because almost all of them were using Fox Valley already). Fortunately, with their high average sale, even a minimal response would make the ad profitable.

Unlike many ads that are developed using a creative process, these ads were developed using a step-by-step, logical process that considers the practice's products and services, target customers, and competition, as well as how these target customers read a publication, look at ads, and respond to them. It's this approach, discussed throughout this Web site and detailed in our self-paced online course and live advertising effectiveness seminars that enabled us to help this advertiser, but 1000's of others.


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